Tenders are being called for a consultant to oversee the expansion and refurbishment of the Royal Hobart Hospital’s Emergency Department.

The Hodgman Liberal Government is committed to continuing to improve Tasmanian’s health system, and completing the RHH Redevelopment is a key part of that.

We are investing in the vital health infrastructure we need to deliver additional services, including $90.6 million in this year’s Budget to commence stage 2 of the Redevelopment. That will see the expansion of the ED, more ICU beds and ward upgrades over three years.

The project to build a better ED was identified in the 2019 Masterplan review and will deliver:

  • A new lift for discrete patient transport between Medical Imaging, ICU and J Block;
  • Increased points of care, including acute treatment bays, resuscitation bays, procedure bays and fast track and ambulatory assessment;
  • Capacity and flexibility for mass casualty events and outbreaks;
  • Increased provision of isolation rooms;
  • Discrete Mental Health Assessment Unit and Support Areas;
  • A Paediatric Precinct, incorporating a waiting area, treatment bays and short-stay bays;
  • Dedicated ambulance receiving and write up area; and
  • Increased provision of family rooms and viewing rooms.

The successful consultant will incorporate contemporary best practice and models of care as well as both ACEM and AHFG design guidelines.

The expanded ED, in conjunction with the broader RHH Redevelopment, will help our dedicated frontline staff deliver the very best in healthcare to Tasmanians.

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