Focussing on economy, jobs and keeping Tasmanians safe

With the return to Parliament after the winter break, the Hodgman Liberal Government is committed to delivering our Plan to build the economy, create jobs and keep Tasmanians safe.

As Leader of Government Business in the House of Assembly, today I outlined the week ahead in the Parliament.

In the last five and a half years, this government has been getting on with the business of delivering for Tasmania, with key priorities and strong policies that have taken our state to new levels.

And Tasmanians are seeing results with record exports, tourism and investment in agriculture and business, our economy is the fastest-growing overall, in the nation.

Our disciplined economic management has delivered the best business conditions in the country, which drives economic growth and helps to create new jobs.

All Tasmanians deserve to live in safety and free from the impact of crime, which is why in Parliament this week we have a strong on law and order legislative agenda designed to protect the community and the Tasmanian way of life.

We will bring forward a number of bills including the landmark Magistrates Bill, first proposed 18 years ago, it has taken a Liberal Government to deliver on these important reforms.

This Bill will set the foundation for a contemporary Magistrates Court, allowing new procedures, standards, and powers designed to make the court more efficient.

While we are delivering legislation to protect Tasmanians, the soft-on-crime Labor/Green Party continues to show contempt for the views of the community, opposing mandatory minimum sentencing for child sex offenders and serious assaults against nurses, paramedics, correctional officers and other frontline workers.

The Hodgman Liber Government confirms our commitment to protecting those who protect us, and ensuring that sentences for serious offences match community expectations.

Our vision is for a stronger, safer Tasmania that continues to grow across all regions, improving the lives and opportunities for more Tasmanians.

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