This week in Parliament the Hodgman Majority Liberal Government will remain focused on growing our economy, delivering our plans in health, education, housing and protecting Tasmania’s most vulnerable.

It also provides the opportunity for the Government to call Labor out on their lack of policies and direction, particularly their appalling refusal to support guaranteed gaol time for convicted pedophiles.

While Labor remain sniping from the sidelines, the Government will bring forward legalisation which criminalises acts of serious bullying to protect Tasmanians, particularly children and young people.

The Criminal Code Amendment (Bullying) Bill 2019 aims to expand the existing crime of stalking to address serious bullying behaviour, which includes targeting those who use the internet with the intention to cause serious physical or mental harm.

The Government believes our legislation strikes the right balance to ensure our laws protect Tasmanians, while not unnecessarily bringing people, especially the young, before the Courts.

It also sends a clear message that serious bullying behaviour, including cyberbullying, is unacceptable and must be stopped.

We will also bring forward a number of other Bills for debate, including the Vehicle and Traffic Amendment Bill, Land Acquisition Amendment Bill, Civil Liability Amendment Bill and the Historic Cultural and Heritage Amendment Bill.

While we are delivering legislation to protect Tasmanians, grow the economy and create jobs, the only thing Labor seem committed to are low blow, political stunts to get a headline in the media. Tasmanians deserve better.

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