The latest Sensis Business Index results demonstrates beyond doubt that our plan is working, with the Hodgman majority Liberal Government’s policies the most popular in the nation for the ninth consecutive quarter.
Today’s report also reveals Tasmania’s businesses are the most confident of all states with a massive 61 per cent of small to medium businesses reported as ‘confident’ or ‘very confident’ in the latest results. It comes as I hosted the Business Growth Strategy Roundtable Industry Summit, collaborating with the sector to ensure businesses can thrive without unnecessary hurdles and restraints.

With 15,800 jobs created since we came to Government and a nation leading economy, it is small wonder Labor has nothing better to do than throw stones from the sidelines.
Tasmanians, however, have not forgotten the catastrophic days of the Labor-Green Government when in the same survey two out of three businesses felt the Government was actively working against them, business confidence was rock bottom and Tasmanians were leaving the State in droves. Five years later and Labor has no policies, no plan and no welcome for today’s extraordinary news.
In major contrast, the Hodgman majority Liberal Government is the greatest supporter of Tasmanian businesses and we are committed to continuing to deliver our plan to create the right environment for job-creating investment, so that more Tasmanians benefit from a strong economy.
The Liberal Government appreciates Tasmanian business giving us their strong support and endorsement for our efforts and policies. They may be assured of our continued support as we deliver our long term Plan for Tasmania, including the strongest laws in the country to protect against trespass and disruption targeting businesses, workers and their families.

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