I’m pleased to announce the official launch of the Make it Launceston website, building on the success of the Statewide version that provides information on living in Tasmania.

Make it Launceston has been developed by the Tasmanian Government in collaboration with the Launceston Chamber of Commerce, City of Launceston and the Northern Tasmanian Development Corporation.

This collaboration was fostered through the Northern Tasmanian Development Corporation’s Population Taskforce with the Tasmanian Government pleased to support this regional initiative and to take the lead in developing a website to promote our northern region and to support the activation of the NTDC’s region-based Population Strategy.

Make it Launceston features the friendly and innovative people, places and experiences that characterise the region and celebrates these through regular articles and stories.

Content includes video profiles of businesses benefiting from being part of our growing Launceston and North-East region.

As one of Australia’s most liveable regions, Make it Launceston celebrates Launceston and North-East Tasmania. With the Launceston City Deal delivering new investment into the region, there has never been a better time to make the move and be part of this vibrant city.

The Make it Launceston website is an initiative of the Tasmanian Government’s Population Growth Strategy. Other initiatives currently in place to support population growth in the region include the free Tasmanian Employment Networking Service (TENS) hosted on the website, Multicultural Grants Program, the Business and Skilled Migration Programs and Welcome to Tasmania: Information and Referral Service.

Visit www.makeittasmania.com.au/launceston/

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