The Government has provided $7.5 million to Metro Tasmania for the development of an integrated ticketing system to allow seamless travel across all service providers in the Tasmanian public transport network.
In 2017/18 over 84 per cent of Metro passengers regularly used the existing Greencard for their travel, demonstrating the community’s willingness to embrace electronic ticketing solutions.
Metro Tasmania is now working with key stakeholders to plan the transition to a next-generation integrated ticketing platform that improves the accessibility and value of public transport and supports important customer services such as real-time travel information. The new system will take into account the latest developments such as tap and go technology and payment fares via contactless cards and mobile devices.
A request for proposals for a public transport integrated ticketing system will be made by March 2020. The system will allow for a seamless one-ticket journey for those using both Metro Tasmania and privately-provided bus services and, once available, trans-Derwent ferries.
The Hodgman Liberal Government is providing an integrated public transport network that connects Tasmanians with jobs, education and local services.

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