New and revised rules to come into effect in December will help young drivers to be safer while also saving them money when they get their driver’s licence.

The Tasmanian Liberal Government is making further improvements to the Tasmanian Graduated Licensing System to ensure novice drivers have fewer steps to take to get their licence, while ensuring they experience enough supervised practical hours behind the wheel.

Under the new arrangements, the streamlining of L1 and L2 into one Learners stage, which was introduced as a COVID-19 assistance measure, will become permanent. This means learners can continue practicing to drive safely without having to wait for as many assessments.

It also means an L driver will hold one L licence throughout this period, instead of having to visit Service Tasmania and pay a licensing fee for each level. The same will apply for P licences.

Our improved licensing arrangements will save the average young driver $114 in total.

P2 drivers will be able to continue to use hands-free mobile devices while driving so they gain the on-road experience to act responsibly when using mobile technology once they obtain their full licence. L and P1 drivers will not be permitted to use mobile devices while driving.

To ensure the responsible uptake of the streamlined system, P2 drivers will have to display a green P2 plate while driving (as in other states), and to better transition to a full licence, the L speed limit will rise to 90km/h and the P1 limit to 100km/h.

As a new message, to encourage good driving behaviour, we will also establish a new Safer Driver Reward, which will provide a free full three-year licence to drivers who complete their full P licence with a clean driving record.

Making the system simpler to navigate, with fewer steps and less paperwork, will mean from December, learners can focus on becoming better drivers as they progress through their mandatory 80 logbook hours, including 15 at night, while better matching the P licence experience to full licence conditions.

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