New program Ucaan Drive, based at Bucaan House in Chigwell, will provide on-road driving experience to disadvantaged learner drivers and help more Tasmanians get their licence.

It is one of 16 community organisations delivering the 2020-21 Learner Driver Mentor Program, and now has a new five-star ANCAP rated car, delivered today.

The program allows local community-based organisations to provide disadvantaged learner drivers with access to a car and a supervisory driver to help them reach their required on-road hours.

A driver’s licence is often an important part of getting a job, becoming more independent and keeping up important family and social connections, but the cost of lessons can put pressure on the household budgets of lower-income families.

This program has been very successful over a number of years, with our hardworking volunteer mentors providing disadvantaged learners around Tasmania with the support and experience they need to achieve their P1 licence.

Last financial year alone, the program saw some 16,500 on-road hours for more than 320 learners, thanks to the assistance of more than 200 volunteer mentor drivers. As a result, 63 learners passed their L2 assessment and 144 people obtained their provisional licence.

The Tasmanian Liberal Government is providing $1 million a year through our $75 million Road Safety Action Plan to support these local programs and Driver Mentoring Tasmania.

A further $113,000 has been provided for the program in 2020-21 to assist with one off purchases, including new five-star vehicles to improve fleet safety, and improvements for mentor recruitment and induction.

To find a local Learner Driver Mentor Program provider or to volunteer as a mentor, visit

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