The Tasmanian Government is supporting the meat industry, with a $2 million grant towards a new $3 million abattoir for processing pork at Springfield, near Scottsdale.

The new processing facility will enable our quality Tasmanian pork to continue to be processed locally and supplied across Australia, once it’s commissioned next year. This deals with the major risk we faced.

The new abattoir will help meet industry demand for processing and mean Scottsdale Pork will be able to process not only its own pigs, but also those from Tasmania’s strong network of commercial pig farmers.

When the closure of Devonport City abattoir at Quoiba was announced, there was a very real possibility our Tasmanian pigs would have to go to Victoria for processing.

But with the Tasmanian Liberal Government’s support, we were grateful that Tasmanian Quality Meats stepped in and will now continue to run that facility for the benefit of Tasmanian pig producers until March 2021.

More than just maintaining the Tasmanian quality of our products, the new facility means jobs will stay here in Tasmania, and that this industry will continue to support our local communities and the local economy.

The value-added pork industry in Tasmania is estimated to bring in around $15 million a year for the local economy, while supporting around 60 full-time jobs and another 175 jobs at peak times.

We have seen great progress on the facility already and I am sure when it is commissioned in the first quarter of 2021, it will be a fantastic facility for the Tasmanian livestock sector and all the families it supports.

The Government funding for the new facility has been granted through the Tasmanian Development Board.

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