The Tasmanian Liberal Government, in partnership with the Australian Government, is driving ahead with our landmark $5 billion infrastructure program – the largest ever by a Tasmanian Government – which includes future-proofing our roads and bridges for growth.

Effective planning for infrastructure, public transport and traffic management will ensure that we bust congestion and use our infrastructure to support business and economic growth.

This is vitally important for our state to continue to attract visitors and new residents.

In response to the economic impacts of COVID-19, we added an additional stimulus of $74 million, over two years, to our roads and bridges capital program.

This Budget will deliver a $485 million investment in our state roads across Tasmania this year, which is a substantial and ambitious increase on the $278 million invested in roads last year. Along with future-proofing our road networks in our cities and around the state, this is about ensuring there is as much work available for the civil construction sector as they can manage.

This is part of our record $2.4 billion total road funding currently planned through to 2023-24.

Our landmark $5 billion infrastructure program over four years will support businesses, create jobs and boost confidence as we recover and rebuild a stronger Tasmania.

In the 2019-20 financial year, the Tasmanian Government invested $278 million in road and bridge upgrades, delivering 38 projects – the biggest year of road projects in more than a decade.

Our track record speaks for itself – since being elected in 2014, the Tasmanian Liberal Government has delivered more than 150 road projects.

Keeping our economy growing and keeping Tasmanians in jobs is more crucial than ever.  Infrastructure investment and maintenance program has been one sector that has been able to continue, while others have had to stop or significantly alter their operations, in 2020.

We know ongoing investment into infrastructure is a key contributor to Tasmania’s overall economic and social prosperity, and that is reflected in the State Budget with nearly $5 billion to be invested over the Budget and Forward Estimates period.

The Government is continuing to upgrade and maintain the 3,700 kilometres of roads and 1,300 bridges that make up the State Roads network, increasing safety and travel time reliability for road users, while building confidence and supporting jobs in the civil construction industry.

The 2020-21 Budget has significantly increased the funding available under the Roads Program for infrastructure maintenance by more than $20 million over four years.

This ongoing and increasing investment in maintenance will keep our state roads in the condition necessary for safe and efficient travel around the state.

This is part of the Tasmanian Liberal Government’s landmark $5 billion, which will underpin around 25,000 jobs, support businesses and increase confidence as we recover and rebuild a stronger Tasmania.

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