The 2020-21 State Budget includes provision for Sustainable Timber Tasmania to make a $5 million transfer to TasRail in order to further grow our forest industry, create more jobs and invest in regional communities.

This investment will increase TasRail’s capacity to store logs safely, increase log transport capacity, improve log wagon loading productivity and increase unloading capacity and efficiency.

TasRail will work with Tasmanian engineering and civil construction firms to get each of the elements underway as soon as possible.

In a boost for local manufacturing, we will be working with Elphinstone Engineering at Triabunna to commence the manufacturing of additional Logtainer units.

In addition to the employment and investment benefits in Tasmania during the construction phase, this project will increase TasRail’s capacity to service regional forestry business for decades to come.

The significant infrastructure industry support package will enable better movement of southern forest products to Bell Bay in an efficient and cost effective manner.

A modern and efficient supply chain and supporting infrastructure is critical for our forest industry.

The key benefit of this infrastructure package is to maximise the efficiency and seamless integration of the road, rail and port infrastructure.

These projects will enhance the productivity of the forestry supply chain and create local manufacturing work, particularly in regional Triabunna.

The materials and manufacturing will be sourced in regional Tasmania.

The equity transfer is provided in this year’s State Budget, which will continue the Tasmanian Government’s focus on rebuilding a stronger Tasmania.

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