More pop-up vehicle inspection stations are being rolled out across the state to help keep Tasmanians safe on our roads.

The inspections will be held around Tasmania, focussing on peak times of long-distance travel like long weekends, and will help identify safety-related vehicle defects, as well as light vehicle loading and roadworthiness issues.

They also help educate drivers on their responsibilities in maintaining a safe and roadworthy vehicle, particularly when loaded up to go on a road trip or holiday.

Inspections will highlight proper load restraint for caravans, motorhomes, boat trailers, and work vehicles and trailers in particular, where bigger loads or larger attachments have the potential to create chaos if they come loose.

Our Transport Safety and Investigation Officers are all technically trained and hold recognised automotive industry qualifications and experience, and can also provide advice on correctly fixing accessories like solar panels to vehicles.

Drivers approaching a pop-up vehicle inspection station will be able to easily recognise it with its prominent flags and signage, and the uniforms of our officers.

Anyone directed to pull over for an inspection must do so. Penalties apply for anyone who disobeys the direction of a Transport Safety and Investigations Officer.

Anyone who wants to have their vehicle checked or ask questions about roadworthiness, load restraint or affixing accessories is welcome to stop at an inspection station and have their vehicle inspected at no cost.

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