This week is Road Safety Week, and a timely and important reminder to drive so others survive.

Every death on our roads is heartbreaking, and impacts families and communities across the state.

The Tasmanian Government and Road Safety Advisory Council are continuing to work to make our roads safer, in line with our Towards Zero Action Plan 2020-2024.

The Government is committed to changing attitudes around speeding, the use of mobile phones when driving, and drink and drug driving. This includes a new anti-drink-driving campaign targeted at young drivers that was launched recently, along with the next stage of the anti-mobile phone use campaign.

When the new Government is installed, we will also deliver our commitment to four new 10 Year Strategic Action Plans – for the Bass, Channel, Huon and Tasman Highways to improve safety on our major highways and will extend our recovery investment into transport infrastructure with a further $416.5 million over seven years, including targeted investments across all regions of the state.

In addition to this, a total of $45.6 million, through the Federal Government’s $2 billion Road Safety Program, will also be delivered across Tasmania to fund new road safety upgrades and improvements to reduce the number of fatalities and serious injuries occurring on our roads.

The projects being funded – no matter how big or small – could make the difference in someone getting home safely to their loved ones, which is why we continue working to move closer to zero fatalities through these investments.

However, there is a whole-of-community approach needed, and we want everyone to work with us and play their part in helping to reduce serious injuries and deaths on our roads, by driving safely and responsibly. We say this knowing that by far most crashes occur due to drive behaviour, not road condition.

As part of Road Safety Week, a number of buildings and bridges will be lit in yellow from today, May 16, until next Sunday, May 23.

I encourage all Tasmanian drivers to take the pledge to drive so others survive, by visiting, or show their support  by wearing a yellow ribbon, which are available at Service Tasmania outlets statewide.

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