Tasmanian tech innovation continues to make its mark beyond our shores with a new collaboration between leading national equipment hire company Coates and Tasmanian tech firm Definium.

Coates has partnered with Definium for the design, manufacture and supply of 5,000 hi-tech tracking devices to be deployed across Coates’ fleet of vehicles and equipment right around the country, with up to 7,500 more expected to be commissioned over the next year.

These devices provide an easy to install tracking and monitoring system that will provide Coates with substantially greater efficiencies in fleet deployment and use.

The Tasmanian Liberal Government has been an active supporter of Definium since it was first established and it is fantastic to see the growth of the company over that time.

Definium has been successful in receiving support under a number of our manufacturing programs over recent years and has been active in working with us to promote Tasmanian tech capability around the nation and world.

Over its history, Definium has manufactured tens of thousands of digital devices right here in Launceston and the collaboration with Coates is another fantastic achievement that has led to even further growth of Definium which is now 18 employees strong.

Definium also demonstrates the broad reach that is a hallmark of Tasmanian companies having undertaken projects across Australia as well as in the UK and US.

I congratulate Coates in recognising the talent and quality solutions Definium has to offer in delivering their fleet-wide tracking upgrade.

It reaffirms what we have been saying for many years, that here in Tasmania we do things as well as anywhere in the world and more and more companies around the globe are taking notice.

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