As part of the ongoing efforts to save lives and reduce trauma, the Tasmanian Liberal Government is delivering a new fleet of mobile, automated enforcement cameras on Tasmanian roads.

Unfortunately, Tasmanians still aren’t taking the dangers of speeding seriously enough so we have had to take action.

Across the nation and world-wide, mobile speed cameras have proven to be one of the most effective ways of making speeding motorists slow down.

Sensys Gatso Australia has been engaged to provide and operate the mobile enforcement camera network in Tasmania with testing rolling out in the coming weeks and set to continue for approximately three months to ensure we get the system right.

Sensys Gatso Group is a leading provider of automated traffic enforcement solutions delivering systems, software and services, both in Australia and internationally.

The risks of speeding are well known, but there simply hasn’t been the change in attitudes to speeding to improve safety on our roads. In fact, police advise that patterns of speeding are getting worse.

Bringing back mobile speed cameras shows that we are serious about enforcing speed limit. Anything over the maximum is classified as speeding, and you are breaking the law if you drive faster than the limit. Over is Over.

The new enforcement cameras can be anywhere, at any time, making those that speed think twice before putting their foot down and risking death.

The Tasmanian Budget 2022-23 invests $9.3 million over three years into this vital technology, in addition to our ongoing investment in road safety to save Tasmanian lives.

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