The Liberal Government continues to lay the foundations for a strong, stable health care system to deliver the care that Tasmanians need and deserve.  Today’s Budget shows health spending increases by nearly 5% from last year’s Budget to $1.465 billion in 2014-15 as we begin rebuilding the health system.

Report after report has shown the current system is broken. That’s why we have announced our reform plan, One State, One Health System, Better Outcomes.

A single Tasmanian Health Service is what this State needs. This reform will deliver a statewide system that puts the needs of patients back where they belong – at the forefront of every decision.

Our reform plan includes:

  • A White Paper outlining the Government’s position to be released in March 2015;
  • Establishing the Health Council of Tasmania, composed of clinicians, consumer and community representatives, to provide strategic advice on the direction of health care in Tasmania, for the first time in our State;
  • A comprehensive review of the Department of Health and Human Services to reduce duplication and strengthen its role as system manager and purchaser of health services; and
  • Merging the current three Tasmanian Health Organisations into a single state-wide Tasmanian Health Service, commencing July 1 2015.

One Tasmanian Health Service will result in better outcomes for patients and improved clinical safety and quality.

Early estimates indicate that this reform will also deliver up to $21.3 million in savings over the next four years that will be reinvested into frontline services.

The Liberal Government is rebuilding essential health services by investing $76 million over the next four years into elective surgery, that will see up to an additional 15,000 procedures performed.

By working constructively with the Federal Government we will also see an additional $23.4 million provided for elective surgery, meaning up to 2,000 extra Tasmanians will receive treatment over the next two years.

Our long-term plan for the future of health will deliver better access to services which are safer and of a higher quality. It will reduce waiting list times and put the needs of patients first. It will make the health system more transparent and accountable and it will make significant savings to be reinvested back into frontline services.

The Liberal Government is giving Tasmanians the health system they need and deserve.

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