Under our 2030 Strong Plan for Tasmania’s Future, basketballers in northern Tassie are set to receive a slam dunk.

A re-elected majority Liberal Government will invest $21.5 million to reinvigorate the Elphin Sports Centre.

Basketball is a growing sport with more than 3,500 registered participants across 630 teams. It’s so popular now, that a lack of courts is one of the biggest barriers to Tasmanians playing basketball.

We want to see the nearly 4,000 games of community basketball played in Launceston each year supported and thriving.

We will do this by not only delivering an upgrade to Elphin – our $43.6 million development of the Hub at Mowbray will mean that even as Launceston grows our sports can keep up too.

Under our 2030 Strong Plan for Tasmania’s Future we’re going to keep supporting local sports by making sure that they have the facilities needed to play on!

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