The Hodgman Liberal Government continues to build on its goal to make Tasmania the healthiest state in Australia by 2025 with the official opening of the George Town Skate Park.

The opening of the skate park fulfils a promise made at the 2014 election and will provide an important recreational space for George Town’s youth to have fun, to be physically active and improve their fitness.

This is another step to support our forthcoming five-year strategic plan on preventative health in Tasmania and will have a long-lasting, positive impact on the health of George Town’s young residents.

Skate parks are a great addition to any local community as they promote an enjoyable outdoor activity that is positive for health as well as providing a safe and attractive place for young people to gather. We are so pleased that residents of George Town now have a first-class skate park they can enjoy.

The skate park was completed by Invision Developments and designed by Simon Williams of Concrete Dreams after the Government’s contribution of $120,000 was added to $80,000 from George Town Council and $7,600 of fundraising from Wattle Group.

It demonstrates the willingness of the Hodgman Government to manage and invest strategically in productive infrastructure that drives our economy and creates jobs for Tasmanian workers.

I want to pay a special tribute to the Wattle Group organisation for proposing, advocating for and managing this project through to completion.

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