With the budget back on track the Hodgman Liberal Government can afford to reinvest in essential services that matter to Tasmanian families, such as health, education and protecting the vulnerable.

This week we have already provided more details around our $20 million commitment to redesigning the child protection system, and announced $3 million to reinvigorate Lenah Valley Primary School.

With Duncan McKenzie, the head of pharmacy at the Royal Hobart Hospital, and Speaker of the House, Elise Archer

With Duncan McKenzie, Pharmacy Manager at the Royal Hobart Hospital, and Speaker of the House, Elise Archer

Today I am pleased to announce that the State Budget will also include an investment of more than $3.7 million to redevelop the pharmacy at the Royal Hobart Hospital, including an improved sterile pharmaceutical production facility to better support patient care.

The new facility will arguably be Australia’s most contemporary hospital pharmacy, representing a significant upgrade and expansion of the current facility which was built in 1999.

It will complement the $689 million redevelopment of the RHH and ensure Tasmanians truly have state of the art hospital facilities for generations to come.

One of the key benefits of the pharmacy upgrade will be the upgrading of the cytotoxic chemotherapy manufacturing facilities. This will boost efficiency, and ensure that the facility is able to meet demand in an area that is currently experiencing unprecedented growth. It will also offer dedicated facilities for the Jack Jumper Allergy Program to continue current production levels and expand if necessary.

The Pharmacy Department oversees the provision of medication to more than 1000 patients a day including inpatients and outpatients of the RHH and other centres.

The redevelopment will expand the available workspace for staff, improving workflows and increasing safety. Direct access for patients who require highly specialised medications will also be improved.

Pharmacies are a critical piece of infrastructure for acute hospitals, benefiting a wide range of patients and helping achieve better health outcomes for Tasmanians.

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