It was my pleasure today to officially launch the Tasmanian Lupus Association’s book “Lupus a patient guide’’.

As Patron of the Association, my congratulations go to Dr Lois Beckwith and her husband Dr Peter Talbot and their dedicated sub-committee who compiled this book about Lupus and other auto-immune diseases.

This will be an extremely valuable resource for both individuals and families coping with the disease and also the medical profession in helping to diagnose Lupus and treat it.

The book gives valuable information about managing Lupus and may even help patients have a more informed discussion with their doctors.

The Hodgman Government and the Tasmanian Community Fund are very pleased to support this initiative. The guide will be distributed to all Lupus Association members and many medical practitioners in Tasmania.

I urge Tasmanians with an interest in Lupus and other auto-immune diseases to get a copy of “Lupus a patient guide” from the Lupus Association of Tasmania, PO Box 628, Launceston 7250 – the cost of $15 also gains membership of the organisation.

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