Tomorrow, I will be announcing the next stage of the Government’s “Patients First” initiative for the Royal Hobart Hospital, which is made possible because we have brought the Budget back into balance.

The health of Tasmanians is a key priority for the Hodgman Liberal Government.

In response to addressing concerns in the state’s Emergency Departments, last year we rolled out the Patients First initiative which includes measures to initiate a whole of hospital response and patients who are able to go home, released.

Importantly, we also commissioned a expert report to look into the legacy issues involved because we genuinely want to fix Tasmania’s health system.

Along with consultation with doctors, nurses and allied health professionals, this report has helped to inform the next stage of our Patient’s First initiative.

A copy of the expert report, which has also been released under RTI, is provided here:
A video update on the foreshadowed support package can be found here:

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