Labor Leader Rebecca White has again proven she is no different to former leader Bryan Green – all complaints, and no solutions.

Despite claiming health is her number one priority, in her first “major speech as leader” yesterday outlining her so-called “vision” for the state, she failed to articulate a plan for health or a single policy position.

After three years as Labor’s health spokesperson, her inability to articulate any alternative plan for our health system is a major failure and demonstration of false concern at demand pressures.

Even more disappointing is Ms White’s default position of trying to deflect from her own lack of ideas by making deliberately false claims to get cheap headlines.

Ms White has been caught out making a series of massive ‘White lies’ on health just in the last week alone.

• Lie 1 – claimed the Government is “including in their calculation for record spending on health the $600 million for capital improvements at the Royal Hobart Hospital” ABC Morning Show, 20/4/17.

• Lie 2 – told media there were no beds available for patients at the LGH when she visited, 26/4/17.

• Lie 3 – claimed she had visited “every single hospital in this state over the last couple of weeks”. MMM radio, Hobart 27/4/17

The Hodgman Liberal Government genuinely considers health a priority which is why we are investing an unprecedented $6.4 billion in health over four years.

We are opening beds, we’ve employed more nurses, more doctors, more paramedics and we’re conducting more surgeries than ever before. Patients who never expected to be seen have received their surgeries. Beds that were locked away in Labor’s warehouse have been restored. Nurses who were sacked are being reemployed.

There is always more to do which is why we will continue to implement our Plan so all Tasmanians can get the health care they deserve.

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