Will Hodgman, Premier
Michael Ferguson, Minister for Science and Technology

The Government has a Plan to take Tasmania to the next level. It is a Plan which builds on the momentum of our first four years in office.

Tasmania is stronger, prouder and more confident than ever before and our economy is one of the strongest in the nation.

Tasmanian businesses are also the most confident in the country, and they are investing in our future.

Today in Mornington, the Minister for Science and Technology and I, officially opened the new, state of the art Fuji Xerox Acrodata Archive and Digitising facility, which will support more jobs in our important ICT sector.

Acrodata is a great example of a business investing and expanding because they are confident in the direction of our economy and the opportunities available here in Tasmania.

Since coming to Government there have been over 11,000 jobs created for Tasmanians.

Our Plan is delivering a stronger economy and a balanced Budget, which means we can invest more into essential services  like health and education, into making our communities safer,  and building the infrastructure our growing state needs.

With the State Budget soon to be handed down, my Government will continue to strongly encourage economic growth and investment which creates more jobs and opportunities for Tasmanians.

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