Tasmanian children are so precious, and we want them to be safe.

Under the Towards Zero Action Plan 2020-2024, the Tasmanian Liberal Government is investing more than $75 million to improve road safety for all Tasmanian road users.

As students begin to return to classrooms across Tasmania, we can expect more cars and buses on the roads and lots of excited children around the approaches to our schools.

Returning to school also means the return of school speed reduction zones and that we have to remember to ‘Love 40’ to keep children safe.

After a long school holiday break, it’s important to remember that the school zone speed limit is 40 km/h, which also applies when driving near school buses with their flashing lights on.

There’s no excuse for putting our children at risk like this. Each one of us has to take responsibility for driving safely and under the speed limit, especially in school zones.

Just one second of distraction at a higher speed could be the second that a child runs out onto the road leaving you unable to stop in time, so our message to all motorists this right now is: “cut your speed and cut the risk”.

Just as with the RSAC’s other speed campaign, drivers need to get the message that the speed limit is the speed limit and Over is Over, it doesn’t matter whether it is even just by 1 km/h, speeding can still kill.

By taking that little bit of extra care around schools and school buses, and making sure we stay under the limit, we can prevent tragedy and help keep Tasmanian children safe around our schools.

The Road Safety Advisory Council is again running its ‘Love 40’ campaign.
More information is available at www.rsac.tas.gov.au

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