The Tasmanian Liberal Government is leading the nation in the area of gambling harm minimisation and is strengthening measures to further reduce problem gambling.

I am pleased to announce the State Government’s response to the Tasmanian Liquor and Gaming Commission’s report into harm minimisation technologies for electronic gaming machines in Tasmanian hotels, clubs and casinos could minimise gambling harm.

We support the Commission’s recommendation to implement a State wide player card gaming system with pre-commitment and cashless gaming. The Government also supports the Commission’s view that facial recognition technology is not an effective tool for wider prevention of harm in gaming venues.

Routine default pre-commitment that applies State-wide in Tasmania is the gold standard of harm minimisation measures. Tasmania is the first State to announce a scheme of this kind.

It will provide those most at risk of gambling harm with protection while having no impact on recreational gamblers.

Players will be able to register for a card at any venue. Cards will have pre-set default limits, that can be lowered by players at any time; or increased within certain parameters. The default limits are:

  • $100 per day;
  • $500 per month; and
  • $5,000 per year.

The impacts from gambling harm are felt across our communities, beyond the immediate impact on an individual and their family. This system will protect people from losing more than they can afford.

In terms of cost, the Government will work with the new Monitoring Operator will provide venues with card-based gaming technology as a fee-based service.

We thank the Commission for the breadth of work conducted for the investigation and extends its appreciation to stakeholders that contributed to the consultation.

The Government looks forward to working with the Commission, gaming venues and the new Monitoring Operator to implement a player card gaming system with pre-commitment by December 2024.

The implementation of a player card gaming system allows the Commission and the Government to review secondary controls. This includes a review of the need for a restriction on the current EGM line limit.

The Government has determined to amend this restriction as pre-commitment will ensure a player stays within the limits of what they can afford regardless of how many lines are played.

Harmonising with other jurisdictions by reverting to 50 lines will support venues in transitioning to the new venue licensing model.

To further assist the transition during 2022-23, the Government is pleased to announce funding of $268,000 for the Tasmanian Hospitality Association to deliver industry support and training.

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