The Rockliff Liberal Government has a Strong Plan for Tasmania’s future.

As Treasurer, it was pleasing for me to today reaffirm that the Tasmanian economy is firmly holding its record-breaking jobs performance. The unemployment figure of 4.2 per cent released today continues a two-year period of the lowest long-term unemployment for our State since the ABS started collecting this data in 1978.

This unemployment rate is 3.7 per cent lower than the catastrophic 7.9 per cent it was at the peak of the former Labor-Green Government’s 2013 recession and there are over 50,000 more Tasmanians employed today than at that time.

The latest figures show 284,974 employed, including 138,930 women. Under the strong economic management of the Rockliff Liberal Government we are seeing more opportunities for Tasmanians than ever before.

The only way to protect the stability and certainty needed to deliver our Strong Plan for Tasmania’s Future is to vote for a majority Rockliff Liberal Government.


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