Thank you for the honour to represent and work for you. As your local Liberal member for Bass in the Tasmanian Parliament since 2010, I have worked very hard each and every day to make a real difference.

I am honoured that you have elected me from your ballot paper at each election over these past 14 years. It’s allowed me to take on various portfolios – including now as Treasurer and Deputy Premier – in addition to helping you with the hundreds of issues in our beautiful electorate of Bass. I love our State and I love our people – and I’m determined to continue to deliver our Strong Plan to address the important issues.

Together, as a Liberal Government, we have achieved great things for the people of our state. Since we took over from the disastrous Labor-Green era, we have gone from the worst-performing state to the best-performing state on most economic measures.

We have delivered historically low unemployment and more than 50,000 new jobs have been created through our time as we foster economic growth and encourage employment.

Construction of the new Bridgewater Bridge is underway, and the first of two new Spirit of Tasmania ferries will soon sail into Devonport.

And we’ve done all this – and much more – while maintaining the lowest debt of all the states, and without introducing any new taxes.

We’ve delivered an additional 298 hospital beds and employed an extra 2500 health professionals including 1390 nurses. We know there’s more work to do and our health system still needs to be better.

Our energy prices are already among the lowest in the country, and our new Renewable Energy Dividend is driving bills lower – but I know we need to do more to support those struggling with the cost-of-living challenge.

And while we’re building a record number of new houses – 3000 delivered since 2019 – for many Tasmanians, their first home lies beyond reach, and rental prices are still too high.

So, we’ve done a lot.  But there’s more to do.

That’s why we’ve developed our Strong Plan for Tasmania’s future to address these issues – it’s our 2030 Tasmania Plan, and it’s all about how the Tasmanian government can take more pressure off you.

It’s a Strong Plan which is all about taking more action on the issues affecting us most right now, such as cost of living, health, and housing. I look forward to continuing to support you, the people of Bass, into the future.


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