The Rockliff Liberal Government has a 2030 Strong Plan to keep our regions strong, including Lilydale. The Member for Bass, Michael Ferguson, said the government has been listening on community priorities.

“I’m pleased to announce that a majority Liberal Government will make a further $30,000 contribution for the proposed Lilydale Men’s Shed, taking our total commitment for this exciting community asset to $100,000,” said Mr Ferguson.

“A majority Liberal Government will provide $150,000 contribution to the Launceston City Council for construction of a pedestrian and cycle path between the Lilydale township and Lilydale Falls. The Government recognises that this is a council road and will require public consultation on detailed design and planning.

“A majority Liberal Government will also provide a $40,000 contribution to the Launceston City Council for council-led improvements to better integrate the local pool, playground, toilet and BBQ areas.

“We’ve also listened to concerns about the pathway between Lilydale District School and its associated school farm. A majority Liberal Government will instruct the Department for Education Children and Young People to undertake a risk analysis, and to engage with Launceston City Council should infrastructure improvements be recommended.

Member for Bass, Simon Wood, said the Rockliff Liberal Government is also mindful of community concerns regarding the local GP practice.

“We are going to partner with GPs in outer-urban, regional and rural Tasmania to strengthen and sustain their practices, with multi-year funding of up to $250,000 per year,” said Mr Wood.

“Our 10-doctor state-employed GP NOW Rapid Response Team, will be available for deployment at short notice to areas of GP shortage across the state, or ‘thin market’ areas where the private market has failed – where it’s difficult for GPs to maintain a practice, or in areas where there is need, including sudden GP closures.”

Michael Ferguson, Member for Bass
Simon Wood, Member for Bass
5 March 2024


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