The beautiful islands that make up the Furneaux group have long histories, traditions and a remoteness that can deliver a real competitive edge.

A majority Liberal Government has a 2030 Strong Plan for the Island’s Future, ensuring that what we love most about it, is there to be enjoy by future generations.

A re-elected majority Liberal Government will kick start the finalised ‘Regenerative Framework’, which has widespread community support.

The Tasmanian Liberal Government funded the landmark regenerative tourism project “The Islander Way” – the first of its kind in Australia – to develop an approach to tourism and the visitor economy that will generate opportunity for years to come for Flinders Island.

Over three years, we will provide $450,000 funding for the Furneaux Futures Collective – an Island Innovation Hub that will deliver the projects and actions co-designed by the community.

The funding will assist with developing a visitor-facing website, hosting a signature retreat and event, digital media strategy, an app for visitors and residents to share information, and a business plan.

Our 2030 Strong Plan for Tasmania’s future has something for every resident of Flinders Island to ensure they will continue to love the Islander way of life.

A re-elected majority Liberal Government will:

  • Establish a positive impact business activation program, to create new business opportunities, with coaching and mentoring, to help grow the visitor market;
  • Build existing business capacity through a community-led Experience Development Program to develop authentic island-based visitor experiences and encourage more visitors and repeat visitation;
  • Repurpose the old Hydro Station for worker accommodation, activate new housing and create a community gym;
  • Support the island’s agricultural sector, and ensure access to veterinarians in regional areas;
  • Deliver a new police house, building on the $22.9m previously committed to upgrade police housing;
  • Incentivise the relocation of early childhood educators through a $2,500 relocation payment;
  • Upgrade accommodation for teachers and principals;
  • Deliver a Regional Hospitality Revival Fund;
  • Provide $85,000 for audio visual equipment for the Flinders Arts and Entertainment Centre; and
  • Provide $125,000 for a mobile woodchipper for green waste management across the island.

Under our 2023 Strong Plan for Tasmania’s Future, we will also support island health services through our GP Guarantee and provide more help through the Patient Travel Assistance Scheme.”

Cost: $1.8 million, including $600,000 in capital infrastructure.

Click here to see full policy detail on Liberal Party website.

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