2024 North East commitments

Invest a further $5 million into Bridport Road, towards improvements for heavy vehicle freight traffic and safety improvements.

The State and Federal Governments have already committed $20 million to Bridport Road improvements. This further commitment by the Liberals will leverage extra funding from the Australian Government to deliver turning lanes at junctions to separate turning traffic from through-traffic, passing lanes for slow-moving traffic, and other safety and efficiency projects for this key freight route between the North-East, George Town and Bell Bay port.

More detail here: Northern Tasmanian Roads and Bridges

A Child and Family Learning Centre for Scottsdale and the North East

A re-elected majority Liberal Government will invest $32 million to build four new supersized Child and Family Centres (CFLCs) that will offer a range of early childhood services and services and supports for families and children from 0 to 5 years old.

They will be built to National Quality Standard (NQS) requirements so they have the additional space to enable partnering with ECEC providers to deliver early education, long day care and vacation care, and Outside of School Hours care, where there is unmet demand for these services.

As in existing CFLCs, families will also have free access to psychologists, speech pathologists and social workers, ensuring children are meeting their developmental milestones and are well placed to start Kindergarten.

The four new supersized Child and Family Learning Centres will be located at Huonville, Smithton, Longford and Scottsdale.

The range of services offered at each CFLC will be determined through consultation with families and service providers in these local communities.

More detail here: More Quality Childcare and Early Education for Tasmanian Families 

Supporting Community and Sporting organisations

Scottsdale Football Club Installing roof top solar panels for energy efficiency $50,000
Scottsdale RSL Upgrade the Cold room and refrigeration equipment $60,000
Scottsdale Military Museum Install disability access to make the Museum more accessible $70,000
Scottsdale Rotary Club Replace the Big Thumb sculpture in Scottsdale $10,000
Scottsdale Rotary Club Redevelop the former Scottsdale Railway Station $150,000
North East Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce Support the Chamber to bolster North East businesses $20,000
Dorset Council Upgrade Scottsdale, Winnaleah and Lions Playgrounds $150,000
Lilydale Football Club Renovate the Club changerooms $146,412
Mechanics’ Institute Hall Installation of new lighting $6,071
Bridport Football Club Installation of new electronic score board $60,000
Dorset Community Men’s Shed New bench saw equipment to support for larger timber $12,039

More detail here: Community Commitments – Bass

27 more community paramedics for rural and regional areas

Tasmania was the first Australian State to pilot the community paramedic model of care, following its success in Canada, the UK and USA in rural and regional areas.

Community paramedics are fully trained specialist paramedics who are able to care for and treat Tasmanians in their own homes.

Nine community paramedics are currently employed in all regions of the State. Since 2021, they’ve treated 2025 patients with 56.9 per cent treated in their community, instead of being transported to an Emergency Department, reducing pressure on ambulance and hospitals while getting Tasmanians the care they need.

A re-elected majority Liberal Government will recruit 27 additional community paramedics in rural and regional communities over the next four years.

They will have a dual role of responding to and treating non-emergency Triple Zero calls in their local community or the home, or treating minor illnesses and injury of people who present to our rural hospitals in a new innovative partnership between our district hospital services and Ambulance Tasmania.

Community paramedics will be also provided access to MyEmergency Doctor for immediate specialist hospital advice.

In addition, we will pilot a model that allows our community and intensive care paramedics to prescribe a range of medications in line with nurse practitioners.

The 27 community paramedics will be attached to 13 rural and district hospitals at Smithton, King Island, Queenstown, Scottsdale, George Town, St Helens, St Marys, Campbell Town, Beaconsfield, Deloraine, Oatlands, New Norfolk and the Tasman Peninsula.

More detail here: More Paramedics Out Saving Lives

Upgrade district hospitals so Tasmanians can see a hospital specialist without the need to travel

Tasmania’s four major hospitals are supported by 13 district (rural) hospitals: King Island, Smithton, Queenstown, Scottsdale, George Town, St Helens, St Marys, Campbell Town, Beaconsfield, Deloraine, Oatlands, New Norfolk and Tasman.

A re-elected majority Liberal Government will install virtual infrastructure in all district hospitals over the next 12 months to:

  • Provide an immediate and vital link for district hospitals to access the specialist expertise of our major hospitals.
  • Give Tasmanians access to a hospital specialist without having to travel into cities.

Staff at district hospital services will assist local Tasmanians with their outpatient appointments.

We will also provide district hospital doctors with direct access to MyEmergency Doctor for immediate specialist hospital advice, keeping patients in their local area rather than transferring them to a major hospital.

Free Wifi will also be rolled out in all district hospitals.

More detail here: Delivering More Hospital and Health Services

Half price bus fares

Our 2030 Strong Plan for Tasmania’s Future has cost-of-living relief at its core. We know that Tasmanians are experiencing real cost-of-living pressures and that every dollar counts.

A re-elected majority Liberal Government will deliver immediate cost of living support to Tasmanians by halving the cost of bus fares and Derwent Ferry fares.

This measure will apply to all operators: school buses, general access buses and ferries, and across all fare types: adult, concession and students, delivering thousands of dollars daily in immediate relief to Tasmanians.

Half price fares will be implemented from 1 June 2024 until 30 June 2025, connecting Tasmanians right across the State.

This commitment will also increase public transport patronage, reducing congestion on our roads.

Under this commitment, a typical Metro fare will halve from $3.50 to $1.75, and a concession fare from $2.40 to $1.20.

Regional Tasmanians will see even bigger savings, such as Scottsdale to Launceston from $11.40 down to $5.70; Bridport to Scottsdale from $6.50 down to $3.25; and Launceston to Hobart from $33.60 down to $16.80.

More detail here: More Buses – Half the Fare 


Deliver a one-off $250 dividend to households and $300 dividend to small businesses

Under our 2030 Strong Plan for Tasmania’s Future, a re-elected majority Liberal Government will:

  • Supercharge this year’s Renewable Energy Dividend to deliver a one- off $250 dividend to Tasmanian households on their energy bills, to be credited to Tasmanians this financial year.
  • Small business will receive a one-off $300 dividend.

More detail here: Tasmania First Energy Guarantee Supercharged Hydro Renewable Energy Dividend


Making it easier for Tasmanians to own their own home – Stamping out Stamp Duty for First Home Buyers

The Tasmanian Liberals understand the stress of trying to purchase your first home and we want more singles, couples and families to fulfil this dream.

A re-elected majority Liberal Government will abolish millions of dollars in stamp duty costs for young Tasmanians as part of our 2030 Strong Plan for Tasmania’s Future.

Our Plan will help more young Tasmanians buy their first home by scrapping stamp duty.

Eligible young Tasmanians won’t have to pay a cent of stamp duty for any home valued up to $750,000.

This is a massive doubling of the existing stamp duty discount of 50 %, and significantly increases the current property value cap of $600,000 to $750,000.

It will help around an extra 1500 Tasmanian households into the housing market a year, with huge savings of up to $28,935.That kind of money can literally make the difference between being able to buy a first home, or not – particularly given the need for a large upfront cash deposit when buying a house.

Importantly, we will help pay for this with the new short stay levy, which will be paid overwhelmingly by interstate and overseas travellers. Every cent of that levy will go directly to Tasmanian first home buyers.

Already our stamp duty discounts have helped 8000 young Tasmanians into their first home in the past six years. But we know that it isn’t getting easier for young Tasmanians to achieve the Great Australian Dream of home ownership.

The economic gains our State has made under our majority Liberal Government have also brought growing pains, including housing supply and affordability challenges. That’s why we’re helping singles, couples and families to buy their first home, because we want more young Tasmanians to buy a home here, build a career here, and raise a family here.

Our Stamping Out Stamp Duty Plan is for existing houses, units and apartments. It will begin immediately, will be open for two years until 30 June 2026, and will then be reviewed subject to prevailing market and economic conditions.

More detail here: Making it easier for Tasmanians to own their own home – Stamping out Stamp Duty for First Home Buyers

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